Sagupaan was once a man’s entry name in the cockfighting arena.  In his over fifteen years in cockfighting, Patrick Antonio and his Sagupaan entries have earned numerous and splendid victories in cockfight derbies.  Since then, Patrick Antonio, now more known as “Idol” by cockfighting aficionados, has built this unyielding passion for the gamefowl industry.  Today, he shares his tested and proven formula, the very same formula that has brought him fame and success in this industry, thru Sagupaan Superfeeds and Agricultural Products, Inc.



Sagupaan Superfeeds and Agricultural Products, Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 13, 1999.  It is also registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry as Distributor, Importer and Manufacturer of feeds.  It is likewise registered with the Food & Drug Administration as Drug Trader, Drug Distributor, Importer and, just recently, as Drug Manufacturer of veterinary medicines.


Sagupaan Main Office and Warehouse

Sagupaan sits on a one-hectare lot on A-59 Sumulong Highway, Upper Lucban, Bgy. St. Cruz, Antipolo City, Rizal where it holds its main office and three (3) warehouses — for storage of raw materials, for production facilities and for storage of finished products.  Construction and building improvements are ongoing.


Sagupaan Raw Materials and its Packaging

All Sagupaan Feed Lines make use of the best grown Philippine corn and choice US corn during lean months and farm-fresh premium grains and seeds from Australia and Canada. These are carefully packed in one-kilo pouches and in 20-25 kilo craft bags to keep freshness and maintain optimum quality of the products during distribution.

All Sagupaan Veterinary Medicine Lines make use of human-grade active ingredients, vitamin and mineral components to ensure its high quality.  These are mixed, compressed and foil-packed by its ISO certified contracted laboratory.  At present, vigorous tests and trial runs are done to come up with manufacturing procedures and product test methods to serve premium finished products to customers.

All Sagupaan products go through rigid quality control and continuous research, improvement and development to ensure that these meet customer requirements.


Sagupaan Distribution Network and Sales Force

Sagupaan’s distribution network now spans the whole Philippine archipelago.  This is attributed to the deployment of aggressive and self-driven Sagupaan salesmen and the appointment of a handful of trustworthy and dependable Sagupaan distributors.  Innate to Sagupaan salesmen and Sagupaan distributors is their genuine desire to personally assist each Sagupaan customer, end user or poultry store owner, with their specific needs and requirements.  Sagupaan salesmen were provided with trucks and vans to facilitate prompt order taking and delivery of Sagupaan products.


Over 6,000 poultry stores and outlets now proudly carry and display Sagupaan products.  Most of these stores and outlets have voluntarily sought out Sagupaan in as much as their customers have been asking for Sagupaan products.


Sagupaan Marketing and Promotional Programs

One of Sagupaan’s mission is to contribute to the gamefowl industry by promoting and educating people on the proper breeding, training and conditioning of gamefowls.  Thus, most of Sagupaan’s marketing and promotional programs are relative to information and education.


  1. Sagupaan Gamefowl Seminars. Sagupaan veterinarians hop from one area to another conducting gamefowl seminars on breeding, rearing, training, conditioning, and  preventive health maintenance of gamefowls.  They espouse the Sagupaan tried and tested feeding and health programs which have been and continue to be practiced at the Sagupaan Gamefarm.
  2. Breeders’ & Cockers’ Magazine. Recently launched this January, the Breeders’ & Cockers’ Magazine is another media forum used to inform and educate readers on proper breeding, feeding, training and conditioning and health maintenance of gamefowls.  At the same time, it updates readers with the latest social events, latest schedules of cockfights, etc.  It announces winners of derbies held nationwide and winners of any company marketing promotions.
  3. Sagupaan Farm Visits. Sagupaan veterinarians visit gamefarms all over the country and gives free consultations.  During farm visits, the Sagupaan veterinarians review farm profiles, assess disease management protocols and prescribe or recommend more suitable and more effective products and systems.
  4. Merchandising Activities. Sagupaan provide its salesmen with promotional materials such as streamers, posters and buntings to be posted at poultry stores, cockpits, etc. to improve visibility, and brochures, flyers, instructional manuals and promotional items such as shirts, caps, etc. to be given away to customers.  All these are advertising materials which further creates market awareness.
  5. Product Promotions. Every now and then, product give-aways and samples are distributed during special events and/or upon purchase of other Sagupaan products.
  6. Raffle Promotions. Raffle tickets are given away for every purchase of Sagupaan products to promote usage of Sagupaan products and increase sales.
  7. Sponsorship of Special Events. Sagupaan sponsors special events most especially cockfight derbies.  These promote awareness of the Sagupaan brand.

The growth of Sagupaan is remarkable.  This we attribute to the sincerity, passion and vision of its leader which he has successfully passed on to each and every employee.  It is now every member’s vision to turn Sagupaan into a world-class feed and veterinary medicine manufacturer and distributor with the ultimate aim of uplifting the cockfighting industry in the Philippines.