Winning Line

  • FORMULATED with precise levels of nutrients to promote superior muscle strength & endurance.
  • Fortified with L-CARNITINE to raise energy, endurance and stamina during heavy training and actual fight.
  • Enriched with PGA (Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid) for the biosyntesis of creatine for muscle vigor.
  • With MULTIENZYMES to release trapped energy and other nutrients.
  • Enhanced with PANTOTHENIC ACID to increase stamina & tolerance to pain.
  • with CHOLINE for stronger tendons.


⇒Feed Proportion

WINNING LINE Hi-Protein & Hi-Energy Pellets (60% or 6 takal/kutsara) and 40% READY TO FIGHT Natural Protein Concentrate (or 4 takal /kutsara)

Soak READY-TO-FIGHT Natural Protein Power Concentrate one hour before feeding.

⇒Feed Volume:

30 – 35 grams per feeding; adjust according to desired weight.

⇒Feeding Schedule:

7:00am & 5:00pm