In the past 20 years of cockfighting in the Philippines, nobody else has won more “Cocker of the Year”awards or has won more fights in the sport than Patrick “Idol” Antonio.Consider these statistics: 8 cocker of the year awards (5 NCA and 3 UCAP),over 14 runner-up finishes for the cocker of the year award, over 250 big time derbies won including 3 World Slasher championships), and the highest winning percentage in the sport today. No othercocker has garnered asmany championships orhas won as consistentlyas Patrick Antonio has inthe past two decades. Like in any other sport orendeavour, there will always be some enviousnaysayers who will try to deny credit to a person’ssuccess. With another NCA Cocker of the Year trophy for 2009, Patrick Antonio continues to prove any doubters wrong and further cements his place as one of cockfighting’s greatest of all time. Many people have written Patrick Antonio or have emailed him asking to know what his secrets are. When asked what his secret for success is, he answers, “I havealready shared mostof my secrets. I have always enjoyed helping other sabungeros as away of giving back to this sport that has given me so many blessings.Fortunately, I have been ableto do that through mytelevision show and throughSagupaan Superfeeds.Over and over again, my useof Sagupaan productscontinues to give mewinning results.” He adds,“I feel great with the many cockers that have written,called, or texted me, letting me know how my methods and/or how the use of Sagupaan Products hashelped them win more incockfighting.” However,Patrick Antonio admits that ofcourse there are a few secretsthat he keeps to himself. “I shareabout 99% of what I know aboutcockfighting with the public.However, there is that 1% that I keep to myself that not even my own sons or farm personnel know about,” he says with a wink.